Mike Graham

Favorite Album: Love at First Sting | Favorite Song: Still Loving You

I loved the huge radio songs of the 80's, but then one of my best friends introduced me to the deep stuff. He had almost every record you could buy, including ones only available overseas. Some had to have the jackets reprinted because they were deemed too risque.

Aaron Cheney

Matthias Guitar
Favorite Album: World Wide Live | Favorite Song: No One Like You

I saw the Scorps for the first time around 1985 with some chick I had just started dating. I've been married to her now for over 25 years. World Wide Live is like a time-capsule for me of that concert, and I still have my original copy on vinyl.

Chris Colwell

Rudy Guitar
Favorite Album: Lovedrive | Favorite Song: Arizona

I love Arizona because it's my ultimate place to visit when the Hannover winters get too cold. Herman has a home there as well, along with Alice Cooper and Rob Halford. The song is awesome too! Great double riff, killer vocal harmonies, and an unforgettable solo!

Dave Ames

Bass Guitar
Favorite Album: Animal Magnetism | Song: Bad Boys Running Wild

As a young lad I had always admired my stepbrother's Tokyo Tapes LP, thinking: these fellas are really cool! Super snazzy dressers as well!!! I started learning my chops on the Blackout and Love at First Sting recordings. CALIFORNIA!!!

Tod Hobart

Favorite Album: Blackout | Favorite Song: Lovedrive

The 2nd album I ever bought with my paper route money was Blackout. I'll never forget those wood shedding days, playing drums in my bedroom, cutting my teeth and learning how to ROCK. Who could've asked for a better teacher than the Scorpions?